Hey guys, do you still remember us? :) I can’t blame you if not, but I have some news for you!

First of all, I’d like to announce that TWSD will change from being created traditionally to digitally. I’m a lot faster this way, so I can work to get back into a routine after all this time of being in hiatus. I had some health issues with my arms and stress- related digestive problems, but I’m better now and  I think I can finally continue working on TWSD!

What you see here is a preview of page 13. It’s done in a mix from traditional and digital inks. Originally I wanted to finish the prologue in traditional media, but I simply don’t get anywhere with it time- wise, so I chose to change immediately so we can all follow the story again as soon as possible! There will also be livestreams available where you can watch me draw TWSD! :)

To all our readers and especially to Marissa: I’m really sorry for all the trouble you had with me and I deeply apologize for it! I’m really grateful you haven’t abandoned me already!

~ Josefine

Hey guys, Marissa here.

I’m going to be reblogging Droemar’s writing tips and the reading lists (maybe other stuff) to my personal tumblr. TWSD has been on hiatus for a while, ignoring a few false starts, and I’m not sure when pages are going to start up again. Neither of us intend to drop the project, there’s just a lot of heavy life situations (and in Josefine’s case, medical) happening.

For now, I’m probably still going to make animal fiction reading lists and so on, just on my personal blog. When TWSD is ready to begin again, I’ll cross post relevant stuff.

So yes, follow OmniWitch for the writing and reading stuff.

Have a nice memorial day weekend, to our American readers, and a happy day to everybody else.

I'm having trouble coming up with names for my nuzlocke. I'd like for them to be meaningful or at least original. Any advice?


I use Onelook Reverse Dictionary and Behind the Name for all my meaningful name needs.

Onelook gives you words related to a concept (for example, if you type in ‘snow’, it will give you words like ‘sleet’, ‘flake’, and ‘hail’).

Behind The Names’ Theme Search and Advanced Search (scroll down the page) helps you find real names related to certain concepts.

Good luck!


Wolf Pup by Daniel Parent


Grey Wolf Standing on Rocks Captive by Alaska Stock Images

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somewhere out there, there is a place for me.


Lion by safari-partners on Flickr.


My beautiful Koda :)

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